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Get helpful insights with strategy and skills to unlock new value

We’re Mondial Trends, A French Riviera Based Business & Marketing Strategy Agency.

Creative in offering new perspectives, extensive skills in creating compelling strategic insights and plans in marketing to engage people, and build solid relationships with consumers that drive business growth.

We spot and move with trends, we work with brands using creative strategies to act proactively that not only put our clients ahead but also provide sustainable healthy profits for their business.

Brand Marketing

Business Strategy

Growth Strategy

Curated Events

How We Can Help

Turn The Spotlight On

Increase awareness and grow leads, get all the perks from a team of talented marketing specialists who will guide and grow your business at a fraction of full-time employee cost, enjoy great benefits of our vast local market connections and marketing channels.

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Market Research, Analysis & Insights

We deliver great insights based on sound deep-dive research to help you identify opportunities, understand where your brand is now, and insights to how you can grow.

Content Marketing

We help businesses connect with ideal customers and generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with informative, entertaining and high added value media content strategy to increase business revenue.

Branding Strategy

We work with clients to develop tailor-made strategies to help bring ideas from concept to reality, with a clear road map that can be used to measure true growth. For us, strategy is a beautiful art of innovation and creativity.

Market Entry

Need to develop a strategy to enable you to achieve your goals and maximise your market penetration. Our marketing service includes engaging unique set of problem-solving skills to build your brand’s voice and grow your brand presence.

Capture Real Value

The catalyst for business growth is to truly understand the best way to deliver superior value to customers because their needs change over time.

Market Intelligence

Get helpful insights with strategy and skills to help explore new opportunities, unlock new customers and solidify your market position that will help boost sales and dominate your niche market.

Content Strategy

We create seamless brand campaign that educates the customer, which is cost-effective and memorable in the form of brand storytelling, articles, video content marketing to help your business grow its full potential.

Creative Production

We use creative tools and techniques to engage and captivate your audience, we create and use different promotional ways to position your brand to customers for consistent sales growth.

Web & App Development

Customer interaction is essential for increasing the overall lifetime value. Understanding customer experience helps build and increase brand awareness, customer acquisition, loyalty, and win-back.



Product Activation

Product Activation

Brand Promotion

Brand Promotion

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Product Shooting

Product Shooting

Creative Marketing

We work one on one with clients to create content that builds positive brand awareness, which allows customers to have a sense of connection with brands personally but it doesn’t end there, we also maintain it through innovative and creative engagement for lasting success. Having a strong brand presence in the market clearly differentiates a company’s products from its competitors, we achieve this through local events sponsorship, targeted creative advertising, social media, press release and articles.

How to Get Started

Contact us to schedule a call
On the call, we’ll learn about your goals to determine if we’re a good fit. 
Then we’ll spend a couple of days to brainstorm solutions and we’ll present the best-focused plan for you.
Once the solution is approved, we’ll get to work and start scaling your business.

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