Who we are

Mondial Trends is a brand and marketing strategy agency on the French Riviera, offering new perspectives, creative skills in marketing to engage people, and build solid relationships with consumers that drive business growth. We spot and move with trends, we work with brands using creative strategies to act proactively that not only put our clients ahead but also provide sustainable healthy profits for their business.

Our Services

Brand Marketing
Differentiate Your Brand

This process influences buying decisions and builds brand loyalty. It is important to properly inform the customers and let them know about the brand’s reputation.It is vital to every business, it does not matter if you are big or small.

Research & Insights
Smarter Decisions

We offer a variety of market intelligence designed to help with identifying market opportunities, get insights on how consumers perceive your brand.We look outside the sandbox, keeping eyes on the future to identify emerging trends.

Content Strategy
Amplify Your Content

Build your voice and attract new leads and customers, every brand needs a solid content marketing strategy to inspire customers to take action, we do this by creating meaningful interactions, promotion and content that wins.

Local Expertise

We are committed to serving small and medium sized companies by providing them new insights to increase awareness and grow leads, enjoy great benefits from our vast local market connections and marketing channels.

  • Content Creation (Photographic and Video)
  • Video Editorial Planning and Execution
  • Product Photo Shoot
  • Location Scouting
  • Drone Videography
  • PR Campaigns
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Influencer Management
  • Reviews Gathering
  • Tracking and Report
  • Sponsorship Marketing
  • Brand Awareness and Buzz
  • Event Sponsorship Marketing
  • Popup Stores
  • Product Activation
  • Content Strategy
  • Comprehensive Annual Marketing Plan
  • Customer Engagement and Experience
  • Demand Driven Planning
  • Event Planning

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