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Moving with the trends to survive…

The changing consumers lifestyle is propelling food producers all over the world to adapt to new ways of responding to these market demand. A very good example is Giovanni Rana, according to my research, I discovered something amazing and frankly, I was glad to see that some producers are not stuck in the past. Giovanni Rana is a brand that has been in existence since 1937, they are well for its quality Italian pasta.They produce perfectly handcrafted pasta in Emilia- Romagna region (Italy), in those days, it was a traditional meal which is mainly enjoyed by the Italians, it is wrapped in a signature thin egg pasta by Giovanni Rana. It comes in Square shape (Sghembo Grande): it has Fork-marks on the edge to give it that handmade look – its double bellies for more filling, it’s sold pre-frozen in supermarkets and takes only 3 minutes to cook.

As of today, Giovanni Rana is undoubtedly Europe’s leading fresh pasta producer, they are always seeking to continually imbibe innovation, communication and combined with a real obsession for producing only the best quality, this culture has earned them the trust of millions of consumers around the world.

To prove their leadership in innovation and moving with the trend Giovanni Rana has opened several innovative restaurants in strategic locations where consumers can enjoy great tasty meals, the reviews are off the roof, the food, the service, everything is designed to engage, satisfy and surprise the customer. The restaurants are bright and elegant with amazing atmosphere to welcome stylistically the influences of Italian tradition, creativity, and passion for the quality of Giovanni Rana.

The kitchen doubles as a stage where “food show” is performed by talented chefs, they prepare and cook the food in a few minutes in front of the customers while they enjoy the creative show with an experience they can never forget which would, in turn, make them come back another day with friends.



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